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The Sundial

The Fascinating and Unforgettable World of Power, Money, Style and Scandal

PALM BEACH, Fla. Early one summer morning, high atop a mountain cliff on the island of Mykonos, Greece, this magical journey of two young daughters of a world-renowned diplomat and great benefactor begins. The privileged lives of the Mercedes twins are magically guided by the mystical hands of the ancient Greek gods.

Over the course of several years, the twins experience the charmed life of being members of high-society, jet-setting from the Hamptons, to St. Tropez, to Palm Beach and to the four corners of the world. They live an extraordinarily glamorous and luxurious life, thanks to their ultra wealthy and powerful father, Demetrios Mercedes.

As the story gradually unfolds and the veil of deceptions and lies is lifted, the scandalous secrets are revealed. Shockingly, under the facade of the perfect diplomatic family, lurked the many layers of deception, infidelity, scandal and deceit. Ironically, the twins' journey through lifes trials and tribulations culminates with an unfortunate and unforeseen twist of fate.

This intriguing drama tells the tale of the sisters from their young and innocent childhood into becoming distinguished and well-respected women of high society and business. But, their lives would be changed forever!

Advance praise for The Sundial:

This debut novel is a page-turner, drawing us from its opening images into a fascinating and unforgettable world of power, money, style and scandal. We follow the lives of two sisters, whose playground is the world of the beautiful, the powerful, and the ultra wealthy. Written with great detail and elegance, an insider's knowledge is revealed of what makes the rich and famous so exhilarating to watch. Ellaina's original story and characters in The Sundial are truly captivating. Here's hoping for a sequel!

 - Leopold St. Pierre, writer for "All My Children" and "Passions"

Ellaina D. Tanos was born and raised in Philadelphia and currently resides in the Palm Beach, Florida, area. She has associated with celebrities, royalty, dignitaries, captains of industry and members of high society her entire life. As a successful wealth manager, entrepreneur, businesswoman, professional and community leader, Ellaina has followed the exceptional legacy of her father, James D. Tanos. For more information, please visit: www.EpsilonEntertainmentLLC.com.